The following database is a user-contributed list of online STEM resources for classroom curriculum, STEM activities, and student engagement.

  • Center for Math and Science Education (CMASE) of the University of Arkansas is one of 11 mathematics and science centers on campuses around the state, providing quality resources and materials to the home and the private and public education community.
  • Children's Engineering Educators LLC has STEM design briefs, classroom activities, and supporting materials available for free download.
  • Discover Data Science includes a Kids STEM Guide encouraging STEM activities for K-12 and beyond.
  • Education Renewal Zone (ERZ) of the University of Arkansas is a collaborative effort among the university, Northwest Arkansas Education Services Cooperative, partner schools and community organizations to concentrate and coordinate available resources to improve school performance and student achievement.
  • eGFI evolved from the name of the first 3 editions of the magazine, Engineering, Go For It!. This resource provides fact cards about the different careers in Engineering, newsletters, lesson plans by grade level, activities, community outreach ideas, professional development, and additional resources.
  • NASA eClips is an online resource that provides short videos about how STEM is used at NASA and in the real-world. These videos typically lead into a project-based design challenge.
  • STEM is Elementary is designed to help users become familiar with understanding STEM and its integration into the pre-K - 6 standards-based curriculum. Integrated lessons, various resources and upcoming events can be found relating to elementary STEM.
  • Virginia Children's Engineering Council The Virginia Children's Engineering Council provides online instructional units for free download. These units include a design brief, tips for teachers, a guided portfolio, and assessment rubric.

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