Advising Guides for Teacher Licensure

The following Advising Guides provide guidance for the sequence of courses you can take to complete your bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Computer Science and earn teacher licensure for secondary grades. 

Please note that these are unofficial advising guides, and you should meet with the advisor in your college for an official degree plan.

Students who are not majoring in one of the subjects below can still earn a teaching license in these five content areas by taking the REQUIRED CONTENT COURSES along with the STEM EDUCATION COURSES for Teacher Licensure.

Advising Guides by Major in a Teacher Licensure Subject (all PDFs coming soon)



Computer Science



Please contact our STEM Education advisors at for more options and further clarification. 

Pre-licensure Checklist (Google Drive document)

M.A.T. in Secondary Education

Students who cannot fit the STEM Education program into their undergraduate degree but would like to become a secondary math or science teacher should consider the one-year Master of Arts in Teaching in which a student earns a master's degree and teaching license.